Sonnet Breakaway : exact internal size, plus extra space ?
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Sonnet Breakaway : exact internal size, plus extra space ?  


Robin Lobel
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Since there's no clear infos about that, could someone with a Sonnet Breakaway tell me the exact internal dimensions (as precisely as possible) inside the box ? It's down to a couple mm to fit some RTX 3090 GPUs, so I'd like to make sure first Smile

-from the front panel to the back panel (inside dimensions)

-from the center of the PCI Express slot to the side panel

Also, does it look like the front panel (either just the black plate inside, or the whole front panel including the blue led) could be somehow removed to gain an extra 20mm ?

thanks !

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@robin_lobel, Just know you would probably need a new power supply, I'm not sure I would even trust the 650W for a 3090 but I'd make sure you have at LEAST that for enough power. Also, here's the maximum card dimensions per Sonnet: 312mm x 160mm x 55mm. I would probably trust that.

The dimensions of the box found on B&H: 7.3 x 13.4 x 8" / 18.5 x 34 x 20.3 cm .. assume some mm for metal.

Also, you would have to use a 2 slot card, so the nVidia FE model is definitely out of contention. I have a 2070 Strix (2.5 slot) in there and looking through the side vents there's not much clearance left before the card would hit the side wall. It's 49mm height. So according to their letter of the law there's 6mm left officially.


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