Sonnet Breakaway Puck Review - Pint-sized Compromise
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Sonnet Breakaway Puck Review - Pint-sized Compromise  

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Important to know:

-For TB2-MacBooks (like Early 13" 2015), you need additional software to run it with MacOSX like purge-wranger (not necessary in Windows or TB3-Macs)

-Actually Parallels 15 really can emulate DirectX 11, so this is an interesting setup.

-Nevertheless Gaming with Virtual Machines is not recommended.


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Thanks four your reply. Just one question regarding the additional script needed for TB2-MacBooks:

Do you know if there is an up-to-date EFI automate-eGPU solution by Goalque (instead of pure wrangler) for Catalina?

In itsage's State of eGPU For Macs - Catalina 10.15 Update article, the two different solutions are described. The article suggests, that the EFI automate-eGPU solution might work on Catalina as well (as it is mentioned in the article).

I would prefer to not disable the SIP on my Mac. Therefore, I am searching for the EFI automate-eGPU solution.

The latest update in the post regarding the EFI automate-eGPU solution by Goalque is from 2018, and there seems to be no update.




To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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