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Sonnet eGFX Developer Edition (350) won't power on: Is it compatible with all* Thunderbolt computers, or just Macs?  


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(By "all" I mean properly equipped computers with 11th or 12th gen Intel processors and Thunderbolt 3 or 4: Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc. and not just Macbooks)

I picked up a Sonnet Developer Edition (350) off of eBay, and I can't get it to power on.  I've tried it with a handful of simple PCIE cards (i.e. Ethernet, NVME, SATA, etc) as well as two Radeon 6600XT based cards.  I've tried it with my Dell Latitude 5420 (11th gen i5 i5-1145G7) and HP G8 Zbook (12th gen i7).  I also tried connecting a 650 watt power supply in place of the built-in 350 watt supply.  I'm using the Thunderbolt cable that came with the unit, though I also tried two other Thunderbolt certified cables.

I will note that when I turn it on and plug it in to a computer, the fan inside the power supply starts spinning.  Also, if I do a 'dmesg' command on my Dell, I can see that the kernel sees the Sonnet as a USB device.  So SOME things are happening, just not ALL the things.

On Sonnet's YouTube video, someone made a comment about there being a 3-pin header with a jumper, that he switched around to get it to work.  I see two 3-pin headers but no jumpers.

Should I assume this is just a DOA unit and try to get my money back from the seller?  I've read that this is a common issue across the entire line, but there aren't many actual solutions.

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Given you've tried other TB3 cables and tested it across multiple TB3 systems, would be inclined to agree unit is DOA and seek a replacement.

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