[SCRIPT] TBTFlash - Convenient eGFX Flashing for macOS
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[Sticky] [SCRIPT] TBTFlash - Convenient eGFX Flashing for macOS  

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@mac_editor, Thank you the update and looking into these changes to ThorUtil.efi. 


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@mac_editor, That's a bit disheartening. Good luck with it! I successfully installed Catalina on a different partition and was able to successfully flash my Mantiz Venus. The firmware I downloaded must have been the one that doesn't work very well with the USB ports though. @ikir has the standard firmware, and I think that's the one I'm looking for. Will try that out when I hear back from him.


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Does anyone still have the firmware for the Razer X Chroma?

Was trying to experiment this script with my Chroma but I lost the firmware bin. Should only have one version iirc. Thanks in advance!🙏

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