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November 14, 2017 9:07 pm  

We're doing our best to help more people make use of external graphics cards. However when it comes to Tech Support, going through the manufacturers is the proper channel. Here's the list of eGPU vendors and Support information. Please share your experience to improve this directory.

Intel Thunderbolt eGFX - website - facebook - twitter

Apple - website - facebook - twitter

AKiTiO - website - facebook - twitter

AORUS - website - facebook - twitter

ASUS - website - facebook - twitter

Mantiz - website - email - facebook - twitter

Netstor - website - facebook - twitter

OMEN - website - facebook - twitter

Razer - website - facebook - twitter

Sonnet - website - email - skype - phone - facebook - twitter

Best ultrabooks for eGPU use

eGPU enclosure buying guide

66 external GPU build guides

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Thank you for providing us this area for providing more support to our customer. More ways to contact us below if you have any question.  We will be happy to answer:

Teamviewer: support@mymantiz.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/egpuBest/
Twitter: @Mantiz_John
Wechat: Mantiz_egpu

iMessage: support@mymantiz.com
WhatsApp:+86 136 91718023
EMail: Support@mymantiz.com
Visit our website to have more information: http://mymantiz.com

Mantiz: ShopFacebookTwitter

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