Thinking about Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580
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Thinking about Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580  


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Hey all,
I’m new to EGPUs and, after some research, thinking about getting the Gigabyte Gaming Box RX580. There are a few things I’d like to know before I do so. Firstly, what is the disadvantage of this unit’s fATX-int PSU? Next, what is deal with the firmware on this unit? I understand that one optimizes bandwidth for the GPU, while the other firmware version allows the IO’s to run properly. How easy is it to change the firmware to the GPU optimal version? For reference, it will be running with a MBP 2017 (2TB ports) with the most recent version of MacOS, and an external FHD display connected through HDMI.

Thanks in advance for your help, community!

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