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Thunderbolt 3 port warming problem  


Montavon Arthur
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Hello, a few months ago I bought a Razer Core X Chroma with a Geforce RTX 2080Super and I have as laptop a dell XPS15 compatible thunderbolt 3.
I encounter a problem that is random.
It happens that after a day of working on my laptop, when I plug it into the Razer CPU, the place where the thunderbolt cable is plugged in gets hot, even very hot, and it turns off my PC. To get everything back to normal I have to wait several days or less to be able to use my complete installation normally again, it is very random.

I hope that some people have unfortunately encountered this problem to be able to help me.

PS:I use an external screen connected to the graphics card as well as a mouse and a keyboard also connected to it

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