Titan X, MacBook Pro 2015 + possible egpu dock?
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Titan X, MacBook Pro 2015 + possible egpu dock?  


Markus Mustermann
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Hello egpu.io folks,

I have searched google for my specific problem but failed. I have purchased a Titan X NVIDIA Card with 11GM VRAM and I do own a MBP15 inch late 2015. Now I do know that I can buy some GPU enclosure (for example from RAZER) and put the card in there, but its another 300 bucks + cables + thunderbold 3 to thunderbold 2 adapter etc. etc.

Before I do that I would like to buy some cheaper docking solution like this ( https://www.amazon.de/Sun3Drucker-Laptop-External-Independent-Graphics/dp/B073YQT41T/ref=sr_1_9?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1536490603&sr=1-9&keywords=GPU+Dock ) to test if the card really works with my MBP. I know that it does not have a PSU. Are there docking solutions that I can buy and use (docking, power etc.). As I own a 2015 MBP I would prefer Thunderbold2, so that I do not need to buy an additional adapter.

I would like to use it for AI, deep learning and stuff. So no gaming.



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