[Unboxing] ASUS XG Station Pro Thunderbolt™ 3 eGPU Dock
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[Unboxing] ASUS XG Station Pro Thunderbolt™ 3 eGPU Dock  

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How's the review coming along @itsage ? I'm very keenly hanging out for both this and the Gaming Box RX 580 to become available in Aus.

I was leaning toward the gaming box due to it having Power Delivery, but after hearing about the onging USB issues (I''ll be running a USB SSD through it), I'm getting swayed back towards the XG Stations sleek look and full size GPU capability, despite needing to continue using my Mac charger alongside it. Plus with alt coins on the way down I'm thinking I'll be able to get a second hand 580 quite a bit cheaper in another month or so.

If PD is reported as 15w, does that mean the XGS will trickle charge a laptop that's not under load? 

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What is the weight of the power supply? In the buyers guide on this site the weight of the asus egpu is listed as 2.95 kg, would that include the power supply?
Is this the smallest egpu that comes without a gpu?

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Posted by: nando4

@itsage, unusually Asus specs this enclosure as having a USB 3.0 port whereas your hwinfo64 screenshot of the SSD is showing up as a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2 port. Did you want to run a SSD benchmark highlighting > 600MB/s transfer rates?

If you have a look at this post and other from me, you see NVMe SSD can do higher than 600MB/s on the USB-C port of the Asus XG Gaming Pro. This is a fine feature, IMO better than a couple of 5GBs USB-A port.

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