Unreleased Zotac amp box first pics and tests.

Unreleased Zotac amp box first pics and tests.  


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This post is a follow up to my first one now that i actually have it i thought i would share some pics and info.

Unboxing pics:

With the latest tb drivers installed the amp box shows up and works* normally as a usb hub and as seen in the next pic as a usb pd source (im not sure how to check the wattage of a usb charger on mac so im not sure if this is full 100w pd), unfortunately i haven't been able to get the rgb working yet as the control software doesn't seem to recognize that the amp box is connected. 

*unfortunately i haven't had time to pull my 1060 out of my rig to test it so im unsure of how it works as an egpu.

Amp Box connected and mbp 13in charging while connected:

I will do some more testing this weekend and hopefully i can post a review sometime next week.


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