Will there be an Aorus Gaming Box (or similar) featuring the new AMD RX 6900 XT?
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Will there be an Aorus Gaming Box (or similar) featuring the new AMD RX 6900 XT?  


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Hi guys,

I find the Aorus Gaming box with the RTX 2080 ti appealing because of it‘s very compact size, low weight and because it also features water cooling.

Now that the new Radeon RX 6900 XT comes out this would be the better card for me because it is Mac-compatible (also with macOS versions later than High Sierra).

So I am wondering about what you think ... can we expect smth like the Aorus Gaming Box for theses latest AMD cards?
Or will it be best to make one‘s own build with a larger, heavier but also more flexible eGPU enclosure?

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@reinhard1004, That would be a nice eGPU for Mac users. I think Gigabyte can easily make the RX 6900 XT to fit the existing 2nd-gen Gaming Box. The main obstacle is sale volume. I don't think they ware able to sell too many of the RTX 2080 Ti version. Going with the RX 6800 XT to keep it under $1,000 might be more appealing imo.


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I am more eager to see mid-tier models of RX6000 to have a mini ITX form factor to fit in a 1st gen gaming box. It would be an ideal replacement for my RX 580 8G gaming box for Mac mini...

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