Worth upgrading from Core X Chroma to Mantiz Saturn Pro II?
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Worth upgrading from Core X Chroma to Mantiz Saturn Pro II?  


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Title. Is it worth it for the 3080? It sounds like they do multiple improvements to help stability/throughput. But not sure if there's an real practical difference. Would certainly save a bunch of money being able to keep using my Core X Chroma and still reap all the benefits of the 3080.

Also, anyone know if people have done tests on the i7's from early 2019? I've heard the 10/11 series intel chips are better suited for thunderbolt. I'm a bit worried my i7 8750H won't be able to keep up. I get a good benefit from a 2080ti now, for what that is worth.

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@lycid, Unless you need LAN and SD card slot, it's not worth it to switch. The Thunderbolt 3 performance is the same between Razer Core X Chroma and Mantiz Saturn Pro.


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