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Would an AORUS 2070 Super fit inside a Mantiz Venus?

Would an AORUS 2070 Super fit inside a Mantiz Venus?  


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I know the Mantiz has enough length, but I am unsure if the AORUS is too wide for the enclosure. Looking at the specifications page the dimensions are L=290 W=134.31 H=59.9 mm.

I want to be able to close the front panel with the GPU inside,  

This is my first time purchasing a GPU and/or enclosure so just want to make sure everything will work together properly.

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@ibis34 The Mantiz Venus has enough depth for a 2.5 slot wide GPU. Plenty of people have installed wide cards in it. Here’s an example of a Gigabyte 2.5 slot wide RX Vega 64 inside the Mantiz Venus with some room to spare.


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