XPS 13 9310 i7 (Thunderbolt 4) + Razer Core X
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XPS 13 9310 i7 (Thunderbolt 4) + Razer Core X  


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Hi there,


So I'm looking at purchasing a XPS 13 9310. It's the new XPS 13 with a new 11th gen intel chip and Thunderbolt 4 ports. The particular model I want has these specs:




I'm looking at potentially pairing it with a Razer core X and a relatively inexpensive GPU (possibly a 1650). My question is has anyone tried using the 9310 with the Core X and if they have what has their experience been like (has their been difficulties in installation and what was performance like)? I can't seem to find much in the way of EGPU user experience for the 9310. I'm going for the Core X because it seems the easiest EGPU to obtain brand new in my country (the UK).


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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@xsoup, It's a fairly new laptop so will take some time for user reports. I had tested an HP Sprectre with similar specs and can definitely recommend the 11th gen laptops with eGPU [build link].


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@xsoup, Further Question, will the integrated USB Hub in the Razer Core X Chroma also work with Thunderbolt 4? since apparently there, the biggest difference to TB3 lies.. I would be interested to hear if somebody has this setup working.


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