Zotac Amp Box Mini + RTX 2070 Super ?
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Zotac Amp Box Mini + RTX 2070 Super ?  


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Hi guys,

I've recently snached a Zotac RTX 2070 Super Mini off the used market for a great price, and I'm contemplating wheter I could pair it with a Zotac Amp Box Mini. These are the problems I'm facing right now:

1) Will it fit?

 - Zotac's website states the box only supports GPUs up to 200mm of lenght, while the 2070 Super Mini is 209.6mm long. However, if I remove the shroud and backplate from it, the card's lenght is right around the 200mm, 202mm at most I think, but maybe less - it's hard to measure it that accurately. So, how much wiggle room is there in the Amp Box Mini?

2) Will there be enough power?

 - This is somewhat more confusing. The power supply of the Zotac Ampx Box Mini is a 230W one, however they only claim to support GPUs up to 150W. Where do the other 80W go? Only place I can think of is the laptop, charging through the Thunderbolt 3 cable. If so, what if I charge my laptop through a different port? Could I then use my RTX 2070 Super with a reported TDP of 215W?

3) If there isn't enough power, can I use a power brick with higher wattage?

 - The Amp Box Mini has a 19V DC input, so what if I just source a say 19V 300W power brick? Would that allow me to use a higher TPD card?

4) If there isn't enough power and I have to stick with the original power brick, would setting a power limit for the GPU do the trick?

- I've never done this, but I know you can set a power limit for your GPU in MSI Afterbruner, so, would running a RTX 2070 Super on a 75% power limit make sense? I'm only looking to game on my 1920x1080p laptop screen, but getting around 60fps would be nice.


Ahem, I hope this post isn't too long or convoluted... if anything is unclear, please feel free to ask. Anyway, any input on this would be much appreciated!

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@walter_fletcher, It will be a very tight fit both in length and height. The GPU is placed horizontal and I think with the connected PCIe plugs, you'll have a real challenge getting it in without modifications. Power constraints can be remedied through your 3 and 4 options.


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