How to force Steam to use eGPU? // EndeavourOS + KDE
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How to force Steam to use eGPU? // EndeavourOS + KDE  


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This is my build.

Installed EndevourOS with KDE. On stock, with Nvidia proprietary drives, it is pretty much plug & play (it can hotplug if you make sure nothing is using the Nvidia eGPU), for rendering, but not for gaming.

Unsure if there is a way to force Steam to use the eGPU.

Anways, I installed egpu-switcher, set it to auto, logged out, and back in, and it is up and running fine on the eGPU, but launching native or proton games does not launch on eGPU for some reason.


Checking nvidia-smi does not report steam or any other games running on eGPU.

Sample Log:

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Performance is akin to running on iGPU, so I am sure something is fishy here.

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I seem to have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

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@sajid_ahmed, have you tried with prime? On steam you can do:

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To avoid setting it for every game, you can export these variables on your .bashrc.

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If you use prime you can keep the egpu plug-and-play.

Have you followed this guide to configure the egpu? Make sure the output of xrandr --listproviders is correct.


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