Monitors not recognized but eGPU is
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Monitors not recognized but eGPU is  


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Running Pop_OS on a System76 Oryx Pro, eGPU is a RTX 2060 Super in a Razer Core X Chroma. I had it working a few days ago but did a fresh install last night.  I used the eGPU-switcher script like I did before and it was working fine. I added a Gnome theme and rebooted and it broke. According to the Nvidia X Server Settings, it sees the eGPU, however, it shows unknown device on all 3 of my attached monitors. Oddly enough when I unplug one of the monitors and plug it back in, they are all recognized. However when I reboot, it goes back to unknown.  Although, on the side menu, it shows all 3 monitors.  I have since, purged the egpu switcher and tried the gswitcher but same problems happen. I know it isn't the theme that broke it but nothing else changed when I installed it and I can't for the life of me figure out what broke it.

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I've used the script

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 to fix similar issues so you might try that to apply the configuration you get after you unplug and replug to get the display recognized. There's probably some underlying issue in one of you configuration files. If there any monitor sections in your xorg.conf I would remove those.

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