Prime-select (nvidia-prime) and current scripts
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Prime-select (nvidia-prime) and current scripts  


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I'd appreciate some feedback from our linux nvidia card users.

With the newest version of Linux Mint, a new applet is shown for switching between nvidia and intel modes. Technically, this seems to just be an easy way of calling the prime-select function.

When messing around with this, I realized that setting "egpu mode" with one of the scripts from the forum (gswitch, egpu-switcher script) and setting "intel mode" on the prime-select function would cause a black screen after logging out. If using the scripts with the automatic bootup switching feature a simple reboot would fix this. If not using this feature, then you would have to boot to a non-graphical mode and switch one of the scripts back to match the other.

Do other people see this with other systems? I believe Pop!_OS has a similar feature, but any distro that includes the prime-select function in the nvidia driver package could potentially see if this happens.

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