Render work on eGPU (AMD), but continue to use Intel iGPU?
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Render work on eGPU (AMD), but continue to use Intel iGPU?  


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I've used the egpu switcher script before and that switches between GPUs.

However, I would like to offload some A.I. rendering onto the AMD eGPU - while keeping the Intel iGPU normally active.

My DuckDuckGo-fu is failing me.  Is this even possible?

I can use my nvidia dGPU within the laptop, I can offload work easy with:

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I'm looking for the same kind of thing for my AMD eGPU. 


For the record, yeah, all in the same system.  LOL  Hoping to actually use both GPUs at the same time eventually.  😉

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For those wondering:

Thinkpad P1 w/Quadro
Pop_OS! 20.10 (fresh install w/Nvidia drivers built-in, AMD always included in Pop_OS)
Razer Core X

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