RTX 2080Ti in the AORUS gaming box
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RTX 2080Ti in the AORUS gaming box  


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I'm going to try to to disassemble my 2070 AORUS gaming box enough to accommodate the eVGA RTX2080Ti amp. To start, it will be ugly and possibly thermally throttled, but I just want make sure it will work electrically first. Aside from another power supply (the eVGA needs 2x 8-pin power and the gaming box only has 1x), any tips?

Also, does the 1080 in the gaming boxes have NVLINK ports for SLI? I noticed a connection where SLI bridge could potentially fit. It's missing from the 2070 card. 

UPDATE: Well, I can't get the card to power up, despite the extra power supply powering the card and the AORUS board/PCIe slot. Because the 24-pin main power connector blocks the card, I'm using a Thermaltake 200cm PCIe riser/extender. I think the AORUS board doesn't like that.  

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