Tiger Lake + EGPU = intermittently detected
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Tiger Lake + EGPU = intermittently detected  


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First, my setup:
Computer: ASRock NUC BOX 11 w/ i7-1165g7
EGPU Enclosure: Aorus Gaming Box PCB with 12v jumpered to PCI-E pin 1
GPU: Zotac 1070 mini
PSU: 450w

The egpu setup function tested fine under bare metal windows install on this NUC. I don't suspect the egpu's hacked together status as the root cause here.

The ultimate goal here is to install a proxmox ve and pass the gpu through to a ubuntu VM.

The issue I'm having is the gpu/egpu rarely power on with the NUC. I'm defining "power on" by the egpu's led lights coming on and about a minute later the gpu fan coming on. This "gpu powered on" behavior is what I expected during my use of the egpu enclosure in its stock configuration several years ago with a macbook. Every once in awhile the EGPU will kick on and display POST and the boot procession into the OS. This is extremely rare, only occurring 2x after several hours of attempting to get this to work. When it does, everything works as expected, and I can list pci devices and see the nvidia devices.

How can I get the gpu to trigger with the OS? I feel like the gpu is infrequently initialized by the bios, and the OS isn't initializing it like what I'm used to with windows.

Thanks for your help!

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@pmraiders, Is the jumped 12V working consistently with another host? If it's spotty, that could be the culprit. Also which Thunderbolt Security setting is the NUC in? You can try switching it to OFF and see if that makes a difference.


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