Xorg Issues with Gentoo Optimus Laptop (T580) + Sonnet Breakaway Box 550W + MSI ...
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Xorg Issues with Gentoo Optimus Laptop (T580) + Sonnet Breakaway Box 550W + MSI GTX 1080  


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Hello everyone! I first want to thank this website for helping me with what kind of hardware I should buy, etc. I've learned so much!

As the topic implies, a while ago I had recently acquired a Sonnet Breakaway Box 550W along with a MSI GTX 1080 card. It took a little while but my laptop is now usually able to detect the eGPU when I use lspci and nvidia-smi, so I'm fairly positive the hardware setup is fine. However, for some reason plugging in the eGPU to the Thunderbolt port seems to have messed something up with xorg, because now I have never been able to successfully log in to my display manager (KDE with SDDM) regardless of the eGPU plugged in or not since then. I've been stuck for what seems like forever, and any kind of advice would be very appreciated.

The system I'm working with is a Lenovo T580 laptop with NVIDIA Optimus, which is what I've heard notorious for causing many users headaches when trying to set up with xorg the first time. The reason for this topic is because a lot of scripts shared on here often relies on systemd or other tools that I don't use, since I run Gentoo without systemd and without Bumblebee. My primary objective is to hopefully have a reality where I can create a Windows 10 virtual machine while being able to passthrough the eGPU, but for the moment I just need to get over this deceptively simple hurdle. I have not seen any other kind of solution that has worked for me so I have come here in hope of some assistance.

Since the issue first showed up, I've had upgraded my kernel (one which actually has Thunderbolt support, oops), tried multiple xorg scripts found on these forums, tried to construct my own xorg.conf file, tried X -configure and nvidia-xconfig, and even rebuilt @world. I seem to get similar results each time, of course being not able to log in to my display manager at all.

In these following pastebin links I have an xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log paste based on what I've tried so far. The configuration files and their corresponding log files are only without the eGPU because at the time my main priority was to just get the laptop working again before I can start working with the eGPU. I apologize if that is considered off-topic, but I can test around more and retrieve log files with the eGPU plugged in if asked.

The first link shows what my xorg.conf file looked like when I first configured the laptop through the help of the Gentoo forums and had been working fine up until I plugged in the eGPU for the first time. Upon trying to run sddm, the screen flickers black and the message "Aborted" is printed on screen. The log is shown after the xorg.conf file:


The second pastebin link shows the resulting config and log file after "X -configure". This brings me to the infamous black screen with cursor:


The third and final pastebin link I have with me is the log file for when I tried to run sddm without an xorg.conf file at all. This one I get the most progress with, as it actually brings me to a visible login screen, but upon typing in my login credentials I get kicked back out to the shell with a lot of messages from "kwalletd5". Not sure if it's related or a completely separate issue:


At this point I am completely stuck and have been for about a month now. I'm not sure what else I can do, though I still am fairly new to Linux so there are likely a lot of possibilities I might not have considered yet, whether it'd be kernel configuration screwups or xorg.conf settings. I'm considering switching distros or to even to Windows if I can't get this working soon because I do need to have a working laptop in the near future. I have also posted a topic on the Gentoo Forums under "Desktop Environments" over a week prior regarding this issue.

Any help at all is once again greatly appreciated!

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Have you tried not starting with it plugged in?

When I have USB3.0 display adapters plugged in linux crashes when booting.


Have you tried any of the scripts yet?

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