2013 Mac Pro with Akitio Node Titan and RX 5700 XT
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2013 Mac Pro with Akitio Node Titan and RX 5700 XT  


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Looking for guidance on how stable a TB3 eGPU is going to be with a 2013 Mac Pro with the TB3->TB2 adapter. Looking to get a Akitio Node Titan with a PowerColor RX 5700 XT Red Devil in order to drive a pair of 5K monitors. Would be running this to start with a 2013 Mac Pro running latest Catalina. Planning to switch at some point to a new Mac Mini but the Mac Pro still has some life in it yet. From what I've read on this site, looks like I'll need to run purge-wrangler but otherwise what gotchas should I expect like the machine not waking from sleep or other crashes and freezes? FWIW, not using Bootcamp, this will just be for MacOS work.  Good idea or should I just wait till I switch to a TB3 Mac?

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My exeriernce in macos has been very positive. I've had an akitio node with RX 560 connected through an apple TB2>3 adapter to my 2012 13" MacBook pro for over a year. Only 1 egpu related crash due to hot plugging the egpu while the computer was sleeping. Everything else has been as good as thunderbolt 3. The only special precaution I take is rebooting without the egpu before doing any macos updates (purge-wrangler usually then has to be re-run to apply it again after the update)

Mid-2012 13" Macbook Pro (MacBookPro9,2) TB1 -> RX 460/560 (AKiTiO Node/Thunder2)
+ macOS 10.15+Win10 + Linux Mint 19.1

2012 13" MacBook Pro [3rd,2C,M] + RX 460 @ 10Gbps-TB1 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + macOS 10.14.4 [build link]  

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