2014 MacBook Pro - R9 390 - Looking for Setup advice
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2014 MacBook Pro - R9 390 - Looking for Setup advice  


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Hi All,

I currently have a 2014 Macbook Pro 15 with the 750M and am considering buying an eGPU enclosure to use with a graphics card I already have, an R9 390.  My reasoning for it is, while I love my MBP, it does get HOT and occasionally stutter while doing multiple things on it, such as playing a game of Hearthstone on one monitor and watching YouTube videos on another.  I would like to give the computer some extra power while it’s sitting at my desk and take some of the load off of it.

I was looking to figure out if what I would like to do makes sense, or is even possible.  At my desk I currently have an external monitor plugged into the HDMI port of my MacBook.  What I was thinking of doing, was getting an thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure to house my R9 390, a tb2 to tb3 adapter to connect the enclosure to my MacBook, and then connect the external monitor directly to the 390.  I would also like to keep running MacOS with this setup.   

While doing a little research a came across this thread  https://egpu.io/forums/mac-setup/egpu-setup-for-2015-15-mbp-msi-radeon-r9-390-non-x/  while this thread is a little older, it mentions running an older version of MacOS.  I currently have 10.14.4 installed.  Is it possible for me to stay with 10.14.4?
The thread also mentions to confirm the GPU has PCI ID 67b0.  If I am looking in the right place, with the R9 390 installed in a windows computer.  Device Manger>Display Adapters>Properties>Details>Hardware IDs.  My 390 has DEV_67B1 in the ID.  Is this card not supported or should it still work?
Then one last question, maybe it’s a dumb one, but just want to make sure before making a move on this.  When you setup the eGPU in-between the Mac and an external monitor, are you still able to drag and drop apps between the MacBook and external display?  If so, when one app is on the external display, will it be using the eGPU, and when it’s on the MacBook screen, will it use the internal cards?
Thank you all for any help on this!

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