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2016 Macbook Pro 15-inch for gaming  


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I'm want to improve my gaming experience on my 2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch, primarily on a Benq PD3200U monitor. I am considering this build, but wonder if there are better options for my starting point. In "better", I mean (in order of priority):

  • Gaming graphics (primarily on macOS, but willing to consider Windows if big increase)
  • Noise levels
  • Stability
  • Flexibility (e.g. when upgrading Macbook/monitor/graphics card)
  • Size (smaller=better)
  • Price/value for money

I am willing to spend some time tweaking to get things working, but not endless hours. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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IMO it comes down to OS and what games you want to play (as they are OS dependent).

Your Macbook Pro is a bit trickier than most, especially with AMD cards.
Your simplest option is to go AMD, forget about Windows, plug in and just play... but you will be limited to what games you can play (altohugh I have a pretty decent collection in macOS).
Noise wise, avoid Razer Core and the Gaming boxes, anything with a small form factor PSU will have coil wine.
I was obsessed with size but after trying a few enclosures grabbed a Mantiz Venus which is fantastic, quiet, and smaller than I expected. It has the added bonus of additional ports and room for an SSD.
If you really want to go small, and quiet, a Zotac AMP Box mini could be a good buy - it has an external finless PSU (which is great as there is less heat in the enclosure) but you will be limited to ITX sized cards, which there are very few AMD ones and they are not very powerful (will Navi bring more ITX options?).
The Asus XG Station or whatever is also a good choice if you don't care about ports as its the quietest on the market by all accounts, one of the smallest that takes full size cards, and looks nice.

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Thanks - the Mantiz Venus looks like the best option for me. Is Vega 64 the best card given my preferences? If so, which specifically should I choose? I am a bit confused by all the manufacturers, and don't know if it matters much which of these I choose. Would it be best to go with a liquid cooler such as this?

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I recently swapped my RX580 to a Vega 64 and it works like a champ! It pushes pixels whereas my RX580 died before. However with a Vega 64 you need to look out for the wattage, it draws quite a lot! You have to make sure that your PSU can provide enough power to that behemoth of a card (i.e. replacing the PSU).
Also, side effect of swapping cards, now I have my internal display also powered by the Vega 64 - Sadly no hotswapping, still having to reboot the computer.

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