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2017 MacBook Pro 15'' eGPU for gaming: Razer Core X+ separate card, or Gigabyte ...

2017 MacBook Pro 15'' eGPU for gaming: Razer Core X+ separate card, or Gigabyte Gaming Box?  


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I've been looking to buy an eGPU for my Mac for quite a long time. My model is a mid-2017 MacBook Pro 15'' with Touchbar, the default RP555 setup w/ 16GB RAM, i7-7700HQ @ 2.8GHz CPU.

I plan to use the eGPU mostly under Boot Camp Windows 10 Home (Version 1809) for PC gaming. I'm hoping to get an RTX 2070, and I did some research and narrowed down my search to these two choices (prices are from Amazon):

1. Gigabyte AORUS Gaming box RTX 2070 ($649.99 new, $522.88 used)
2. Razer Core X enclosure plus a separate RTX 2070 card ($299.99 + ~$500 new, $260.86 + ~$450 used)

I'm an international student, and the next couple of years I'll be moving several times within the US and also back to my home country. I'm currently more tilted towards the 1st choice, because it's much cheaper and more portable. For the 2nd choice though, I'm guessing it's more future-proof (?), since I can easily swap out the card for another if the current card becomes unable to meet system requirements in a few year's time. I don't care too much about fan noise or temperature as long as it's working properly.

I have an external HDMI monitor, but I may also spend some time to set up the eGPU to use on the internal monitor.

I would like to know if the performance between these two choices differ, and if they do, how much would the difference be.

I'm hoping the eGPU would provide decent gaming performances for at least the next 3~4 years. Are both of these setups able to last this many years?

Thank you very much for your insight!

MacBook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2017 (2.8GHz quad-core i7-7700HQ - 16GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM - Radeon Pro 555 w/ 2GB GDDR5 VRAM)

eGPU: Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box
Setup working like a charm 🙂

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The Gigabyte AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box is the best value atm if buying used. It’s also the most portable setup currently available. The Razer Core X on the other hand is one of the bulkiest options so it’s not good for student lifestyle imo.

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