2018 macmini, I need some guidance
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2018 macmini, I need some guidance  


Zh D
 Zh D
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I am using the 2018 mac mini, i7, 32G. I have installed win for my mac mini using win to go. I use a 4k display and want to play games. I hope to get a high configuration so that I can use it for many years. Now I want to buy core x and RX 6900xt. Will there be a waste of resources? I see that the recommended power supply for 6900xt is above 850w, while corex writes 700w. What impact will it this have or is there a more suitable choice?

I have seen support for the RX6000 series from Apple's official website, should I be able to buy 6000 series cards? Right?

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2018 macmini I7 32G 256ssd

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@zh_d, You’ll want to install Windows on the Mini’s internal SSD using Bootcamp.

(Win-to-go + eGPU setups = a lot of unsolvable Error 12 frustration according to other members on this site)

Some 6900 XT cards are very longgggg and won’t fit in all enclosures. Make sure the length of the card is less than the length of the enclosure.

Several 6900 XT cards (models using “XTXH” chips) don’t have drivers in MacOS. These models will work only in Windows. 

You’ll need a 6900 XT model with the Apple-supported “XTX” chip for use in both MacOS Big Sur 11.5 and Windows.

Other members have assembled a list of models here: 



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