2020 13" MBP eGPU solution for six screens?
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2020 13" MBP eGPU solution for six screens?  


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Thanks for hosting such a great forum.

Coming here from the high end audio and competitive shooting communities.

I've scoured through the build database and reviews.  (Such a wealth of knowledge and helpful/constructive tone.)

I'm looking to expand a home trading setup to six external displays.

Just checking to see if I understand the current state of play and if my gear selections make sense:

2020 13" MBP i5 2.0 10G 16 512 (4) TB ports

CM EG200

AMD RADEON w5700 or w6800 (no support as of yet... but maybe based on inclusion in the Mac Pro?)

Is there anything else, AMD/Apple OS compatible that will support more than four external displays? (I have the Apple support page saved, but only a couple professional cards are included.)

Is there potentially a better way to accomplish the same goal?

Thanks in advance for your help.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@boatschool02, W5700 would definitely get my vote for your needs of running 6x monitors through an eGPU in macOS. I got one a few months back when Dell had some inventory. It worked play with my 2020 13-in Ice Lake MacBook Pro [link]. 5x mini DP ports and 1x USB-C port would connect to all your 6x external monitors without issues. I also like the USB-C for its flexibility in connecting different types of peripherals.

The MasterCase EG200 is a nice choice for enclosure too. You can add hard drive and other accessories without impeding the Thunderbolt connection. I'm using mine mainly for testing cooling components; in the process of gathering parts to build a hardline custom loop.

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