27' iMac 2019 with nvidia gpu and external monitor
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27' iMac 2019 with nvidia gpu and external monitor  


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I mostly use my iMac on work stuff and personal programming + some light gaming occasionally. Recently I have been wanting to do more gaming on the BootCamp side and have been considering external GPU to play on full settings on my external widescreen 3440x1440 monitor. I only need the eGPU to work with the external monitor, I don't care about the internal monitor for gaming.

I have been thinking of getting the Razer Core X Chroma and RTX 2070 super. Should these be okay for my purpose?

Are there any other things I should consider, as far as I read, using nvidia gpu on bootcamp should pretty much be plug and play if the external monitor is directly connected to it? I don't care about using the external gpu on the mac OS side.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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A 2070 Super or 3070 (whenever Nvidia chooses to make it available) will be good for gaming.

@itsage recommends installing Win10 1903 V1 ISO for bootcamp. 


You’re one of only a handful of members adding an eGPU to the 2019 model.

Your build will provide helpful info to others. 


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