4-5 year plan for Spectre x360 Vega gl
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4-5 year plan for Spectre x360 Vega gl  


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I just purchased a spectre x360 vega with the 4gb Vega M GL graphics Card and 16gb ram. I am happy with this computer for now as I am usually too busy to game extensively and playing older titles on med-high is reasonable.
In the next 2.5 years, I want to purchase an eGPU enclosure and card that is around a GTX 1080ti. I understand that it is hard to guess what prices are like in 2 years from now but they will hopefully be much cheaper. This setup should last me around another 1.5-2.5 years if the 8705g CPU is not too bottlenecked (quad core 3.1 base, 4.1 clocked). I will likely also purchase a large 4k monitor around then as well.
From that point(4-5 years from today), I want to transfer everything to a gaming desktop set up, still possibly using the laptop for work reasons but putting the graphics card from the egpu in the case and using the 4k display as one of the multiple monitors. I wonder what a budget CPU will look like in 2022... I will also likely need 32gb of ram for the desktop set up.

What do you guys think about my 4-5 year plan?  Silly or somewhat smart to future proof my entertainment options? Realistic? Criticisms? Ideas?

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