7360u mbp 13” Razer Core x boot camp what GPU?
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7360u mbp 13” Razer Core x boot camp what GPU?  


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hey all,

as the title suggests I have a 7360u mbp and Razer Core x.

i have been on the bottleneck calculator and wondered on gpu suitability for this cpu? Is bottlenecking even a real thing? I’m eager to get a card that isn’t too held back by CPU. 

I have a gtx pny 680 4gb that I’m going to use till I get a new card. Obviously would love a 1080 or rtx 2070. Will be gaming in boot camp so pascal architecture will be fully optimised.

anyone got any real experience with same model MacBook and what were your results.

on a previous mini itx build I was getting 2500 on heaven extreme presets. Somewhere around those settings would be perfect if achievable with my cpu.

thanks again, this is a great community

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