MacBook Pro 13 (2017 or 2018) with eGPU and NO external monitor?
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MacBook Pro 13 (2017 or 2018) with eGPU and NO external monitor?  


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Im planning on getting a Macbook Pro. I want it to be portable but also game on it. 
The thing is, I don't game SUPER heavily, most games I play are not super demanding, with Cities Skylines and CivVI being the most demanding ones, and they both play on my current Mac on lower settings, so I'd like something that would let me put it on high settings, basically. 

From what I've seen, MBP 13 (2017 model with 16gb of RAM or 2018 with 8gb of RAM, Idk yet) and eGPU should be enough for me, so now I'm trying to decide which one. I don't like to play and tweak my PCs, I just want it to be plug and play and I wont upgrade for the next few years, so I was thinking Blackmagic. But if things like Razer Core X works just as easily, then I would also consider that. Another thing is, from what i've seen, many people recommend getting external monitor, which I don't want. Would the performance suffer a lot then? And does it matter which eGPU I choose if I don't use external monitor?

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I suggest you go with the 2018 8GB RAM. You decide, but I recently downgraded from 15" 2017 MBP i7 16GB RAM to 13" 2018 MBP i5 8GB RAM (base model), and I am very happy. For graphic work in photoshop there are no problems, watching movies and even playing simple games. 2018 model is perfect, they fixed some little issues like keyboard, TB3 ports, screen and you have great quad-core CPU. 

2018 MBP with Intel Graphics and Geforce eGPU works almost (read the forum guides/builds FIRST to avoid issues) plug and play on Bootcamp, on OS X you will need some tweaks. Radeon cards works with OSX from what I've read. But just so you know it is stupid to play games on OS X (<Bootcamp works better) with internal screen (<external works better) and Radeon (<Geforce works better).  You can still use OS X, internal screen and Radeon but definitely not on highest settings on demanding titles. 

I have Razer Core X with Geforce GTX 1070. It works on internal screen, but there is some performance loss, and gaming on a 13" is not perfect idea. Take a look at my build if you want to know more, but I suggest you go all in and install BootCamp, buy external screen, some external SSD and mouse/keyboard.

Don't go for blackmagic. It is overpriced, and doesn't work so great. 
I suggest Razer Core X (nice design, cheap, works good, can charge MBP, you can use almost ANY graphics card and upgrade in the future)
And I suggest Windows 10 on BootCamp. And I suggest some Geforce graphics like GTX 1050 or 1060. 

Buying separately eGPU + Graphics Card will be the best option (highest performance and least expensive)

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