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About Headless Dongles...  


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I'm saving up for an eGPU for my HP Envy Laptop 17 (TB3) with a beefy Intel CPU but horrible integrated GPU (MX250). I'm getting the Akitio Node plus a GTX 1650 Super. I am a little confused about something however. I am playing primarily on my Internal Display since my Dad would be pretty pissed if I got a monitor and would say "Why didn't you get a PC, instead?".

They are meant to simulate a monitor without there even being one. I made a post on Reddit but was met with results I've seen before. I also saw this one post on and it said the same thing:

What I noticed about these 2 posts is that they were both talking about Mac Books so that sent me off in the wrong direction since I exclusively use Windows. Not to mention the amount of posts I see on Reddit saying Headless Dongles are useless.

My post:

Another One:

Now I'm debating whether or not I should even get a Headless Dongle. I don't want an external monitor nor do I want to wait and see if it works well or not. Do Headless Dongles actually work on Windows? Does anyone have a side by side test? If there are none, can someone please make their own as I am desperate at this point?

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@razordragon_playz, You are comparing many different configurations that have little to no relevancy to the setup you're considering. The headless HDMI adapter article we wrote was for the singular purpose of accelerating the internal display in macOS when there was absolutely no eGPU support from Apple. Apple has since supported eGPU (with compatible AMD cards) and made it possible to accelerate the internal display through a checkbox.

Geekbench is one of the very few apps in which you'd see a slight performance improvement with an attached headless HDMI adapter. We don't think much of this benchmark software and suggest you ignore it. Either go with an external monitor for best eGPU performance or use software support for graphics switching in Windows. You can simply disable the MX250 in Device Manager and let the Intel iGPU work with eGPU. AMD has XConnect while Nvidia has Optimus for automatic graphics switching to accelerate internal display with eGPU.


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