Acer Swift 3 SF-314-52-58TS or Macbook Pro 13" 2017
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Acer Swift 3 SF-314-52-58TS or Macbook Pro 13" 2017  


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Hello guys,

I'm very new to this scene and am wondering what would be the best setup for me - I mainly use my desktop PC for everything but in the evening I like to switch to the laptop so I'm not stuck in the home office. 

I've recently started 3D modelling using Blender and game development using Unity, and my experience of this on my desktop is fine as I have an i5-6500/16GB ram/GTX 960 4GB which is perfect for my needs. However when I try to take this to one of my laptops, the overall experience is pretty bad, less so on the Acer, it's an almost acceptable experience when using that laptop compared to the Macbook Pro.

So I thought of getting a new GPU for my desktop and then taking that 960 card and using it on one of the laptops via an eGPU, I'd rather keep it something light such as this which I saw on this site under the mini PCIe tab on the buyers guide:

So my main question is which laptop would be better for this? I think the Macbook has thunderbolt ports where as the Acer doesn't, so does that rule out the Acer entirely? Both laptops have 8GB ram and an i5 CPU.



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