Advice for a MacOS dedicated GPU/eGPU quietest and smallest with no 3D/gaming/video requirement  


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June 17, 2018 4:21 pm  


I own a MBP 2016 15" with radeon 460 exclusively for development usage. I do heavy multitasking with lots of windows opened, software launched... I currently use quad displays (MBP + 3 external: 1 4K and 2FHD). I am suffering from lag after some hours when switching between applications on different displays (between 2 to 5 seconds). This drives me nut when I need to switch constantly between displays, I would like to have the smoother experience possible.
I have checked my memory pressure and CPU usage, they are normal. After asking for my problem on reddit, some users confirm me that an eGPU may help me gain a better workflow experience and that upgrading to 3 4K displays would be even worse for the radeon 460.

Regarding my needs, which eGPU enclosure and GPU would be sufficient? I don't want to have an overkill / expensive solution, so my criteria would be, in order:
- ability to run at least 3 4K displays, and maybe an additional FHD
- smoothest 2D experience regarding my usage
- the lowest noise as possible
- Ability to power the MBP or ability to be connected to a dock and still use one cable connected to the MBP, I own a TS3+ at the moment
- small form factor, using an external alimentation block is not a problem
- the lowest price of course 🙂

Does my needs requires really an eGPU?

If yes, for what I have seen, I need an AMD card for native Mac Os High Sierra support with a lot of memory, and I was thinking about an Asus XG Station Pro enclosure and a RX 580 with 8gb. Is it the best choice?

What advice could you give me?


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June 18, 2018 7:17 pm  

The 2016 15" MacBook Pro's Radeon Pro 460 dGPU should be able to handle upto four 4K monitors at 60Hz. Do you have "Automatic Graphics Switching" in Engery Saver set to on? See whether there's a difference when you uncheck this box.

I would say to check whether your dGPU is overheating after a couple hours of use. Use iStat Menu to monitor the dGPU temp and observe its behavior.

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@aklmie It’s probably the bug I came across in High Sierra myself. UI stutters occur frequently in my case when there’s tons going on. Never happened on Sierra. Hopefully Mojave fixes it.

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