Akitio thunder 2 - Apple thunderbolt display?
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Akitio thunder 2 - Apple thunderbolt display?  


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I am new to egpu modifications but eager to get my own setup. I have read around as much as I can but still a bit confused about a couple of things – hope you wanna help me out!

i have a MBP 2012 with no mods (10.13.2, 8 GB ram, GT650M graphics) and always use my external Apple Thunderbolt display. Now when I wanna play my Company of Heroes 2, it lags badly 😥 

Q1: can I egpu boost my Mac without using Windows?

Q2: is the akitio thunder 2 with a 1050/1060 card a good solution for my setup? (considering the High Sierra egpu support)

Q3: does the egpu setup work with my Apple Thunderbolt display?


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