Anyone used a 1080ti successfully in any enclosure yet?

Anyone used a 1080ti successfully in any enclosure yet?  


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I am thinking about buying a eGPU enclosure but the only card that really makes it worthwhile for me right now is either the 1080ti or the Titan X. As I am thinking about running some serious CUDA compute I need basically as much VRAM as I can get my hand on. The 8GB of the desktop 1080 or 1070 really do not cut it for me as I can get a discreet Laptop GPU with that much VRAM already and the 30% extra speed compared to the laptop card in this case really makes it not that much worthwile.

Has anybody used either of these two card successfully on any eGPU TB3 enclosure? I know Akitio is listing Titan X as compatible but not the 1080ti (my guess that is probably too new). 

Thank you!

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