Asking for advice: eGPU for a first time user?
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Asking for advice: eGPU for a first time user?  


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Hi, good afternoon.

I'm from Brazil, I have been interested in getting an eGPU for gaming on a mac. I came here to seek for advice on the subject, I hope someone can help me and point me to the right direction. Here's the scenario:

I currently own these machines:

1. MacBook Air "11 i7 8gb 128GB SSD (my daily mac for web design on road since I wanted something more portable);
2. Mac Mini 2011 i5 16gb (my father's daily mac at home);
3. A hackintosh built for gaming on only one specific sim racing game, the rFactor 1 and rFactor 2; Specs: Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI mobo, i7-4790, 8Gb (was planning a 16gb upgrade), MSI GTX 750 2GB gpu, SSD 128gb dual boot macOS/Win10 + 1TB HDD for data. Mounted in a poorly customized big ugly case. It currently runs DX9 rFactor 1 at rougly 90/120 FPS, rFactor 2 at rougly 70/80FPS due to their - IMO poor - DX11 implementation in the game but they seem to be improving that.

The eGPU option came to my interest, when I wanted to kill the hackintosh and one of the machines to have an all-in-one machine. Considering that in Brazil the things aren't cheap (really really expensive), I wanted to see if the guys here can suggest me some eGPU cases for the current machines, with some cheap gpu upgrade good enough to run rFactor 1/2 at a good FPS, if  there is a good eGPU for my current Macbook or Mac Mini to run only that game in particular, or if I need a MacBook Pro upgrade. The MacBook Pro "15 in Brazil are ridiculously expensives, double the price you can get in USA or Europe. And although I can manage to build very good hackintoshes, the work it demands just isn't worth it. So I wanted to ask if someone has tried the rFactor games with their current eGPU setups and how good it was.

From a quick read I had around here, maybe an AKiTiO Node + GTX1050 is good enough for this?

Many thanks in advance for your advices and suggestions.



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Did you built it?

If you did, was it easy to import the Akitio?

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