Asus K53SV upgrade? Help needed [I did most of my homework]
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Asus K53SV upgrade? Help needed [I did most of my homework]  


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Hi guys! Brand here!

I got for free an old Asus K53SV from a friend. Its specs were pretty standard: mechanical HDD, 4gb dual channel DDR3 1600 MHz ram, i7 2630qm 2.0-2.9 GHz and a crappy GT540M. I cleaned it up, put some new thermal paste, installed windows 10 on a 128 gb SSD and it was good to go and to become a pretty decent media center. A little sluggish, I have to admit.

What happened next? My little nephew wanted to play some retro games in my living room. Some upgrades were needed. I harvested 8gb of 1600 MHz ram from his father's notebook and got on ebay and i7 2860qm 2.5-3.6 GHz with better cache and bus. I used the old i7 to upgrade the laptop that got its ram downgraded (I'm using it as a backup pc),

Anyway, after these upgrades and after having set all the pieces of software correctly, I could not get New Mario Wii to run properly on Dolphin. No freakin' way to get it past an unplayable 40 fps at 2X scaling on the TV. At native resolution is simply fugly. The cpu should not be responsible of this poor performance, since nothing changed after the upgrade. So I was thinking of adding an external GPU. At least I managed to improve the responsiveness of some media streaming apps that we use.

Budget? The lowest possible! 

I have seen that already three people here used an eGPU on this laptop. I do not want to go that overkill with 1060s or 970s. I'd just want something to able to support maybe some 4k video playback and to let that little kid happily play some Wii games.

I know that I should buy a chep mPCIe 4Gbps adapter (correct me if I'm wrong).

I should also buy a PSU, but I wanted to know if I could re-purpose (with an adapter) some notebooks power bricks that I have around. Worst case scenario: the smallest PSU you can point me to. Why? Because I would love to put the mobo into a small custom enclosure with a small desktop heatsink for the CPU. And because I cannot solder at all 😛

Final step: the GPU. Since that gen of mPCIe has limited bandwidth, which GPU would you advice me to get? I was thinking of a GTX 1030 GDDR5 low profile but it's not cheap enough yet. Here the used market is a nightmare! I would like to get a GPU that does not need a 4 or 6 pin connector, for all the reasons that I listed above. Ok, I should also buy a decent usb WiFi dongle.

Thanks in advance for your help:)


Asus K53SV: Intel Core i7 2860qm, 8gb 1600 MHz DDR3 dual channel, GT540M, 128gb SSD.