Best Touch\Pen Ultrabook for a TB3 EGPU
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Best Touch\Pen Ultrabook for a TB3 EGPU  


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I've been using Thinkpad x230T with an EC 1080Ti eGPU forever now, and been very happy with it, but I'm now considering an upgrade, wanted to try out VR, and most importantly get Cyberpunk 2077-ready.

So after some research, I've shortlisted to: 

Dell XPS 13/15, HP x360 Spectre, and Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Tablet. 

After years with X230T I'm really used to the touchscreen/pen input, I'm also very much into Photoshop, so the pen is a must.

XPS 13/15 seems like it's the fastest choice of the three, x360 has a nice look to it, good specs and a fair price point, while X1 Tablet seems like the perfect Photoshop machine, great kickstand, responsive pen, superb display and reasonable price and amazing Thinkpad durability I'm only worried about the CPU bottlenecking.

Any advice? Any other machines I should consider?  

For enclosure I'm thinking either Razer Core V2 or New Core X Chroma,  should I consider other options like Akitio Node or Aorus Gaming Box?

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I'd go with the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Tablet based on the form factor and durability. The Dell XPS 15 is not ideal for eGPU use due to lack of cooling on PCH chip (Thunderbolt 3 traffic goes through it). The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen 15" is another option but its form factor is more laptop than tablet.

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