Buying a Thinkpad X Extreme and eGPU enclosure - Question about dGPU and thunder...
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Buying a Thinkpad X Extreme and eGPU enclosure - Question about dGPU and thunderbolt lanes and peripherals  


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Hello, I'm planning to build my first eGPU setup which will replace my desktop and laptop.

I mainly play games at home and work when I'm outside, but I still need some GPU juice out there, so I will probably buy the Thinkpad X1 Extreme with a GTX 1650.

My main concern is: Will the TB3 lanes still be the same? I heard that some models like the XPS 15 with the dGPU have reduced lanes due to the dGPU.


Also, Do you recommend using the ethernet and USB ports behind the enclosure? I plan to buy a Razer Core X Chroma, I know I have two TB3 USB's but I will also connect my USB storage and some peripherals, what setup do you recommend? 
I need to:
- Connect two monitors, but here I can just use the external output from the GPU
- Connect my USB external drive where I got my games
- Connect another USB external drive where I store my data
- Use an ethernet cable
- Connect my USB printer
- Connect my phone

Consider I need to connect those only when I got my eGPU, so at home, so:
- Can I just connect everything to the eGPU enclosure without any issue?
- Should I use an USB 3 dongle?
- Or should I use another TB3 dongle since I got two TB3 ports? 

Thanks for the support

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.