Buying Egpu for Mac, Got lost PLEASE HELP
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Buying Egpu for Mac, Got lost PLEASE HELP  


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Hello, I have a macbook 13 pro(new model) with a intel i7, 16 ram ddr3, and 250 ssd. I want to buy an eGPU because my macs gpu does not work. I want the eGPU for mostly gaming(Fortnite, Warzone, etc) and all video editing. But I have a budget of 400( I know it's not a lot but I have to get something). I was seeing the rebuild like the power color mini rx570 8gb, and the gigabyte rx580 8gb. But they are out of stock, I want to get the best that  can get with 400( it's okay if it passes a few bucks). So please help me so I can do something in this quarantine. Also I want to connect via ethernet cable and also run bootcamp via a portable ssd. So please help thanks. 

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Sounds like my budget setup. 

Sonnet eGFX breakaway box $250 new (but I scored mine $190 used), an RX 570 (I too was cheap), and a Nekteck USB-C to USB-A/Ethernet hub.

If you must have a single-cable setup I guess you could try a PowerColor Gaming Station (also $250 on amazon) but the reviews on that one have been mixed (and sharing bandwidth between the eGPU and internet/SSD can impact performance).

The PowerColor Mini is mostly for people who value small form factors above price/performance.

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Lowest cost TB3 eGPU would be a:

1. ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 or equivalent made up of ADT-Link R43SG + ( Wavlink UTE02 or JEYI Leidian ). Benefits explained here.

2. 220W Dell DA-2 PSU to drive it

3. video card for < $250 to all fit within your budget, eg: RX 580

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