Can I use one eGPU on both laptop and desktop?
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Can I use one eGPU on both laptop and desktop?  


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Can I buy a eGPU with M.2 connector and connect it to a M-itx PC, and use M.2 to Thunderbolt gender to connect to my macbook air?

When I use M.2 to my PC, does it uses more than 4 lanes? 
I heard thunderbolt can decrease the performance because it can only use 4 lanes.

And if I can, is there anything works like a swith for M.2?

+ How can i make a pass-through charging system with only one Thunderbolt cable?

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@richrha, both the PC and MBA should have Thunderbolt.

If the PC only has M.2, then you can use a M.2 eGPU for the PC, and use it with the Mac using a Thunderbolt to M.2 adapter.

The ADT Link R43SG-TB3 contains both the Thunderbolt to M.2 adapter and the M.2 to PCIe GPU adapter.

M.2 only has 4 lanes = 31.5 Gbps for PCIe 3.0 and 63 Gbps for PCIe 4.0. In either case, probably only ≈75% is usable ≈28 Gbps (3500 MB/s for PCIe 3.0 and 7000 MB/s for PCIe 4.0).

The ADT Link cable might not be good enough for PCIe 4.0.

Thunderbolt 3 is limited to between 22 and 24 Gbps (2750 MB/s - 3000 MB/s).


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