Dell XPS 9300 Enclosure and GPU options?
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Dell XPS 9300 Enclosure and GPU options?  


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I've recently bought an XPS 13 9300 (4k, 1tb SSD, 16gb DDR4) and want to game with it using an eGPU. I also want to connect a keyboard and mouse to the enclosure, and maybe an ethernet connection as well.

I'm looking at an Sapphire Radeon RX 5600 XT, inside a Razer Core X. However, I've heard there's some driver issues with the newer Radeon cards (I've only ever used them in my PCs), and I know the Razer Core X doesn't have any USB ports, or an ethernet port too. 

I'm in the UK and my budget for both enclosure and GPU are around £550, so anyone got any ideas which I should get for my needs? I'll be gaming at 1080p 60hz, so don't need an extreme amount of power, but enough to play at high settings, possibly ultra.


Thanks in advance! 

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