Does it make sense to upgrade my Razer Blade 2019 (i7 9750H, RTX 2070q) with a e...
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Does it make sense to upgrade my Razer Blade 2019 (i7 9750H, RTX 2070q) with a eGPU and a RTX 3070 or 3080?  


Sergej Hans
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Dear eGPU community,


I have a problem with my Razer Blade and this problem is that i experience FPS drops in games when playing over longer periods. The reason for that is that my processor temps spike up to 100 degree while gaming. I was able to mitigate this problem (mostly) by installing the intel ETU software and limiting the boost of the processor. 


So now I am considering to further improve the situation by upgrading the system with an eGPU (probably Razer Core with RTX 3070 or even 3080). My understanding is that I could use the Razer Core basically as a docking station. And when docked the dGPU would be not used meaning that the laptop would have more cooling capacity overall. Plus I would get a performance boost from the better GPU (in the eGPU encasement). I do understand that the perfomance would not be the same as in a comparable desktop setup.


However, the more i read about eGPUs especially in combination with 9750H the more I get the impression that to do what I describe above would not work as I hope.


Therefore my questions to the community here:

- Would the proposed setup give me a performance boost or maybe even further limit it?

Based on this report

I should get a boost, unfortunately he did not report his temps.


- Am I right about my assumption regarding the cooling advantages?

- Would a cooling pad maybe be a much cheaper and better solution?



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@sergej_hans, If you're using an external monitor, I think the performance improvement is worth it. The 8th-10th generation H-CPUs don't have the best Thunderbolt 3 optimization so the performance loss can be unpredictable. 


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