Does it work? (MacBook Air 2017, Akitio Thunder2, and EVGA GTX 1060 SC)
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Does it work? (MacBook Air 2017, Akitio Thunder2, and EVGA GTX 1060 SC)  


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I'm thinking of buying an Akitio Thunder2 and a GTX 1060 to go with it for my 2017 MacBook Air (which is thunderbolt 2). Since I'm new to eGPU stuff, I'm quite nervous about it, would like to have some stuff cleared.

1 (the obvious). Would this setup work?
2. Do I need to buy extra cables/power supplies (Thunderbolt 2 cable already included in Thunder2)?
3. Would this work on both Mojave and Windows 10 Boot Camp? I prioritize Windows 10.
4. There's a bunch of software made by the community available for download. Do I need all of them?
5. I currently already have a monitor (XL2411p) connected to the MacBook Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt 2 slot. Would I experience any types of lag in the monitor if I daisy-chained it to the Akitio Thunder2 (since it has 2 Thunderbolt 2 slots)?
6. Is there any possible way that a GTX 1070 could fit in the Thunder2, and could I use that instead?

Thank you so much for any support you could give me!

Still no eGPU yet 🙁

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1. Potentially, there are no drivers for Nvidia cards in Mojave though so you need to use Bootcamp and High Sierra.
2. Yes, see my build guides or the mini eGPU thread.
3. See 1.
4. No, check similar builds to see which one works for your combo: example
5. You should connect the monitor to the GPU for best performance so avoid connecting to the second TB port.
6. Yes, but its more work, and very few 1070's fit.

FWIW If I were you I would hold off buying that combo...

There are rumours of new Navi AMD cards that will out perform the 1050ti and not require additional power connections so may well fit into an un modded Thunder 2 (these are rumoured to be unveiled this month)

or, get a larger enclosure and have less card compatibility issues. Asus XG Pro is a good option.

Oh, and a 1070 is kinda overkill for the CPU in your Air.

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Actually, I'm thinking of getting a pc in the future and would want to buy a 1070 (or even a 1070 ti) now and slot it in the pc in the future. That would mean I would need a larger enclosure. That would mean I need a TB3 enclosure.

So, can I get confirmation that:
TB2 Macbook -- TB2 male-male -- Apple's TB2 female to TB3 male adaptor -- TB3 enclosure
works bi-directionally? Because I've seen posts of people saying that it isn't truly bi-directional.

Also, can I set all of the eGPU stuff in boot camp and never need to leave Windows?

Still no eGPU yet 🙁