Does my 2.5 slot card fit into a "2 slot" device?
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Does my 2.5 slot card fit into a "2 slot" device?  


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I am interested in buying an eGPU and have been looking at a few of them. Specifically, I am looking at the Sonnet 550 ( ) and PowerColor Gaming Station ( ).

These are both around the same price (both currently 250$) and thats around the price range I would like to spend on an eGPU. However, both of these are listed as "2 Slot" housings and my GPU (Zotac GTX 1070ti AMP extreme) is listed as a 2.5 slot card (the fan protrudes out a bit more). Since visually (through the product image) it looks like theres a similar amount of space for the GPU to something like the Razer Core X. I was wondering if anyone owned one of these eGPUs or knows if I can get one of these "2 Slot" eGPUs or do I need to get a "3 slot" like the Razer Core X? Thank you for your help!

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Both options you're considering should fit a 2.5 slot wide GPU such as your Zotac GTX 1070 Ti AMP Extreme. The PowerColor Gaming Station is taller and longer.

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