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eGPU for asus laptop  


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Hi there!

This is my first post, and i have to thank all because this is an interesting matter for those who have some notebook (like me) and don't know what to do with some graphic card (and don't want to buy a new computer).

So, where's my story:

I have one graphic card that i bought 2 years ago. It's a gigabyte 1070 gaming g1. After that, i bought a computer, that, for some reason i have to sell and i bought an Asus UX430UA laptop.
I think for the price this is the laptop that meet my requirements.
Today, and after looking a thousand times to both item (laptop and graphic card) i question if it's possible to connect this graphic card to my laptop. I see this page and I'm search for some external gpu case, but i think that 600 euros price it's forbidden for me. I don't want to buy  a new computer, buy i have to spend 600 euros on a case to connect my graphic to laptop? For that price i buy a new computer for gaming.

What i see in this page it's some information about how to connect that graphic card to my computer buy in a more cheap way. For example, i see one external case in ebay with the price tag about 60 dollars that allow me to connect the graphic card with mpci connector.
Ok, that a valid one for me, but i have one problem. My laptop it's a every day laptop, and portable, so, i think it's strange open and close every time i want to play some games.

What i want to ask from users here, is for some external case, that allow to connect with my laptop from usb-c port, or thunderbolt (i think) that allow me to play some games with my graphic card. But i think some price tag about 600 dollars some high and forbidden.

Can user have other options or others cases that are fully compatible with my laptop and graphic card?

Best regards;

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts