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eGPU for base model MBP 13" nTB  


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Hello everyone!
Ive been reading the forums and the build guides etc. alot the last couple of days.

I have a desktop pc which I normally use for gaming and use my mac for school/on the go and normal browsing.
Im looking to get rid of my desktop and start using my mac as my main computer and then hopefully play some games on it.
I have understood that even though the games are available on mac, they are usually better optimized and run better on windows, so boot camp is needed.

The problem with the basemodel MBP is that it only has 128GB storage, which is abit to small to install windows/bootcamp on it.
If i start the Boot Camp assistant now, I get the option to choose 79GB macOS(8GB free)/42GB Windows or 84GB macOS(13GB free)/37GB Windows, so I was hoping that it was possible to install boot camp on an external drive and run a eGPU without much hassle.
Have anyone here successfully installed boot camp on external drive and run a eGPU?

Because I have the nTB MBP I only have 2xTB3 ports, I was thinking a setup like this:

128GB MBP 13" nTB
GIGABYTE RX 580 Gaming box (would like the 580 because its supported in macOS, and feel for some reason like its a "waste" if I get the 1070 which will only work in boot camp/with scrips in macOS)
I would like to use the Gaming box as a USB hub, and connect my keyboard and mouse then use the last USB port to switch between speaker/headphones as needed
Then the second TB3 port on the MBP I would connect an external SSD that I install W10 and games on.

Is this a reliable setup or just a complete waste of money?
Ive read about the error 12 and I hope that disabling the iSight camera would fix this, what about reliability when using the Gaming box to its full potential by using 3x USB port, ethernet and connect a 27" Asus 75Hz 1440p screen.
I have a Satechi USB-C hub that has 3xUSB-A, HDMI, USB-C power pass through and ethernet, this has no problem managing keyboard, mouse, HDMI while stresstesting a USB dongle with Blackmagic disk speed test, so if needed I can get a USB-A external SSD and use some of the USB ports on the Gaming box and some on the USB hub.
I see that there are some of other eGPU enclosures that have integrated SSD, will this be a more reliable option?

Hope this makes sense, so what do you guys think? 
Get the RX 580 or the 1070 or maybe some other eGPU enclosure?

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I have bought the new MacBook Pro 13,3 and with it a Gaming Box 1080. First experience; installation in macOS is really simple using the script found here. For me that is mostly important because I want to be able to use my 4K G-Sync monitor also in Mac while doing video editing, browsing and office work. It works quite nice although it still feels a little basic.

Unexpectedly, installing under Windows was quite more difficult and I don't know if I set it up correctly now. Connecting external devices like a mouse or keyboard causes the system and gaming box to immediately crash. The fix I found is going to Energy settings, advanced options and disable the two USB "power saving" options there.

A more serious problem I am encountering is that the Macbook gets really hot when connected to the Gaming Box, even when not playing games or other heavy stuff like watching video or something. This happens both on windows and Mac... I still think in the end everything will work, but indeed the RX580 seems to be the way better option to buy now for the Mac.

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