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eGPU for GPD Win Max  


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I’m interested in using an eGPU with a GPD Win Max and external display in a docking type setup when I’m at home. The GPD Win Max has an Intel Core i5-1035G7 CPU with a TB3 port.

I’m aware that there is about a 20% performance drop from using a TB3 connected eGPU as explained in some of the forum posts. I’m also aware that there can be bottlenecking between the CPU & GPU if not properly matched. I’m trying to balance cost and limit bottlenecking.

According to this online bottleneck calculator a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 would be sufficient if the setup was a direct desktop connection to the CPU through a PCIe slot and I’m assuming no CPU overclocking. 

This is the point where I’m a bit confused regarding what GPU to select. Since it appears the setup is being CPU limited and there is an additional drop that will be caused by the TB3 connection, would considering purchasing a higher end GPU just be pointless and only room for improvement be overclocking the CPU (while still going with the GTX 1650)? 

Any guidance or further clarification relating to this decision and where I may be going astray is appreciated. Thank you.


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@rebelnyell, We would need more information on the host computer before determining the sweet spot for the eGPU. The small form factor would mean compromised cooling and possibly limited OPI mode to provide longer battery life.


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